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Wanna go off-road?!
Cappadocia Hitchhiker organizes a variety of quad tours with different durations and diffuculties. Being the first company that introduced quads to Cappadocia, we have lots of routes that will suit your desires. The most comman 2 hours tour is 65 USD per person including guide.
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  Email: info@cappadociahitchhiker.com
Phone: +90 384 271 2169

Turgut Ozal Meydani, 50180 Goreme, Nevsehir
Rent a car with full insurance

Hitchhiker rents many cars including Fiat Marea, Albea, Siena, Dogan and Sahin for lower rates than other rental companies. You can even rent cars running with LPG, which are at least 2 times more economic than other ones.
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 Cappadocia on 2 wheels!

 One of the most exciting ways to  explore the Cappadocia must be  renting a motorbike or scooter.  Hitchhiker has a large collection
 of motorbikes including Yamaha,  Peugeot, Ramzey, Kanuni. You
 can also rent Cross-Motorbikes.
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Tours on this website are organised with Turkish Heritage Travel